Safety & Health

At CTRM, we conduct stringent checks, train employees, implement control systems and standard operational procedures to ensure disruptions from health and safety related incidents at our workplace are effectively mitigated and minimized.

To further support our effort in monitoring our compliance to the standard rules and regulations, we are also in progress of migrating to ISO 45001:2018 Safety & Health Management System.

Ergonomic in workplace
Smart Fit Program

Biggest Loser Program

ERT Program

HSE Awareness Program

Human Capital

The continuous supply of skilled manpower at CTRM is crucial to support production rate increase in line with the industry growth.

We have designed Technical Training programs in composites and aerospace technology for new recruits and existing personnel endorsed by Skill Development Department of Malaysian Ministry of Human Resource. The establishment of Practical Training Facility in CTRM production line will help to improve the skills gap of the employees.

Our Training Centre continuously leverage on collaborations with local training and educational institutions co-organise the Apprenticeship program and Diploma and Degree program in Aero Composite Manufacturing Technology with DRB-HICOM University (DHUAM).

Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara (KKTM)

Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara (IKTBN)
Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN)
DRB-HICOM University (DHU)

Waste Management

In CTRM, generated waste composite material will be collected, segregated and safely disposed as per the environmental legislation in Malaysia.

Other than composite material, there are several other types of waste such as carton boxes and papers, plastic materials, (HDPE), wooden pallets, Prepregcarbon, trimming waste, scrap parts & fiberglass, General rubbish (burned plastic, absorbing material, core, etc.)

3R Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Program
Go Green Campaign
No Plastic Day Campaign

Energy Management

The 2014 CTRM Energy Management Policy lays the foundation for all employees to continuously improve the use of energy efficiency with minimum waste and without compromising on product quality for customer satisfaction by setting an annual 2% electricity consumption reduction target across its operations.

Later in 2019, we have set our focus on improving energy efficiency while preparing ourselves towards embracing the usage of renewable energy within the manufacturing plants. Several replacements and upgrades were conducted to further improve its energy performance. We also introduced the Building Management System (“BMS”) to monitor the energy consumption in our newly built manufacturing plant (referred to as “Building 6”).

Energy management at CTRM is crucial as it contributes to production cost reduction which is highly associated with energy cost.

Tube Well
Natural Gas

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every year CTRM allocates fund to execute CSR activities which focus on 3 areas: workplace, community and humanitarian, in Malaysia and abroad. The company encourages all employees from all working level to actively participate in the various programs conducted by the company to inculcate the culture of caring and part of work-life balance activities.

Waqaf Corner
Festival Celebration
Back to School
Critical Sickness
In House Clinic
Flood Aid
Water Rationing Aid

Supply Chain Management

In CTRM, we adopt the Green Procurement Program whereby products, services and processes are selected to promote the four ‘R’ strategies, namely RETHINK requirements, to reduce environmental impact, REDUCE material consumption, RECYCLE material / waste and REDUCE energy consumption

Our “Vendor Code of Conduct” [VCOC] is a clear set of guidelines which defines the main principles underlying vendor business activities and captured in Terms & Conditions CTRM Purchase Order. The main areas covered in the VCOC are Environment, Social, Governance & Ethics

The sustainability initiatives at Supply Chain are aligned to company’s strategic objective towards supply chain excellence and procurement competitiveness by intensifying the e-procurement / e-sourcing systems in getting competitive price.

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