Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to become CTRM vendor/supplier?
If you are interested to be part of CTRM supply chain, please complete the Supplier Expression of Interest Form and email it to
In any circumstances we require further information, we will contact you.
How can I find out about job vacancies at CTRM and how do I apply?
You may refer to the Job Opening under the talent page of the website.
You can then submit your application online at or send your application letter and resume by postal to the corresponding address. Alternatively, you may attend the Open Interview mentioned with the vacancies, if any.
Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview. If you are not contacted within 6 months, your application is considered not successful.
When there is no job vacancy but you wish to be included in our candidate database, you may do so by emailing or sending to us your resume at the above email address or corresponding address. Your resume will be kept for maximum 6 months. These resumes will be referred to for future vacancies.
How can I apply for internship at CTRM?
You may submit your application by email to or send your application letter to the corresponding address.
We will send an email or call you upon successful application. For that purpose, we strongly suggest that you regularly check your email and phone messages throughout the application period. Please also update us on any changes to your contact no or email.
Does CTRM only manufacture aerospace products?
Composite aerospace manufacturing is CTRM's core business which is being undertaken by one of its subsidiary companies, CTRM Aero Composites.The other subsidiary company, CTRM Composites Engineering produces non-aerostructure composite-based products such as aircraft interior, aircraft seats and transportation.
I would like to arrange visit to CTRM . May I know what is the procedure?
CTRM accepts most request for study visit from school and higher institutes. Please send in your request to and state the school/institute you are representing, purpose of visit, no of pax and other details that will support the request. Acceptance to the request depends on the visit schedule.