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To accomplish our mission to be the CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for Composites and Aerospace, we are always seeking for new partners to optimize our supply base.

If you share our values and ambition, and interested to be CTRM’s valuable partner, please complete the form below and send to below address:

Composites Technology City,
Batu Berendam,
75350 Melaka,

Or email to

Supplier Quality Requirements

SQR (Supplier Quality Requirements) define the quality requirements for suppliers doing business with CTRM Sdn Bhd. These documents employ, as a foundation, SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100 requirements and are supplemented by CTRM Sdn Bhd requirements as defined in the documents listed below. CTRM Sdn Bhd reserve the right to flow down additional requirements to satisfy specific customer requirements.

Compliance with SQR is mandatory when it is called out in CTRM Purchase Order.

For latest SQR copies and related forms, click to download:

SQR 001 Revision D - Supplier Quality Requirements-General
SQR 002 Revision NC - Delegated Quality Representative Program (DQRP)
SQR 003 Revision NC - Supplier Rating System
SQR 004 Revision NC - DPD & MBD Quality Assurance Requirement for Supplier

Associated forms in the SQR can be retrieve here:

SQR 001 Compliance Form Revision D
APPENDIX D Customer’s Applicable Requirements Matrix Revision D
Form 479 Revision B - Supplier Request for Change
Form 542 Revision A - Supplier Notice of Escape

CTRM Supplier Rating System (SRS)

SRS is a tool that allows CTRM and CTRM's suppliers to easily access and view the Quality and Delivery performance data and drives continuous improvement.

SRS provides:

1. Supplier Rating Card
2. Pareto Anaysis of quality rejection issues that are raised to supplier through GDR (Goods Discrepancy Report) for 2019 – 2020

Dear Suppliers,

SRS file has been temporarily remove until further notice.
Any request for Supplier Rating Card, please email to
Sorry for any inconvenience cause.

Personal Data Protection Act

To all our valued suppliers, we would like to advise that the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) has come into force on 15th November 2013. Thus we seek your consent to manage the data.

Attached herewith the Privacy Notice for your reading and understanding. (Click to download)

Whistleblower Policy

In order to improve efficiency and strengthen procurement policies as well as integrity, the following procedures will be imposed with immediate impact.

Any irregular business dealings between employees and vendors such as accepting bribes, cronyism, owning a stake (directly or through third parties) in vendor’s company any other types of behaviour that is not normal in the ordinary course of business must be reported directly to the Head of Group Internal Audit Division at the following contact details:

Whistle Blower Toll Free No :        1800-88-2005

Facsimile No                        :         03-2052 8959