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People Development

 At CTRM, we constantly and continuously work on upgrading employee knowledge and skill as it helps in developing and nurturing them to become a more reliable resources  which eventually benefit the company.
In the industry where technology and innovation have no boundaries, we make sure our employees take skill enhancement or employee development activities seriously. It is of utmost importance for them to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry to survive the fierce competition in the world out there.

CTRM offers various programs and levels of technical training in composites and aerospace technology for new recruits and existing personnel:
  • Blue Collar
  • White Collar
  • Apprenticeship
  • Industrial Diploma Program
  • Composites Aerospace Technician

Employee Engagement

At CTRM, we want to make sure our employees possess strong and positive attitudes and behaviours which will lead to an improved performance of the company, in a way that they trigger and reinforce one another. We want our employees to feel proud and loyal working for our organisation, and will go that extra mile to finish a piece of work. It is through the engagement with our employees that we draw on their knowledge and ideas to improve our products and services, and be innovative about how we work. It is also about generate their deeper commitment which results in fewer leave, sick absence reduces, accident rates decline, conflicts and grievances go down, and productivity increases.
At CTRM, we implement the WORK-LIFE-BALANCE approach, which today, has transformed the work culture to become more exciting day by day. The activities cover various employee’s interest and needs such as SPORTS, SPIRITUALS, DIALOGUES, CHARACTERISTIC BUIDLING, WELFARES, RECOGNITIONS and SOCIAL WORKS.

CTRM peope development