Composites Aerostructure

CTRM core business in the composites aero structure started way back in 2000 with the 1st project award of the A300 Fixed Trailing Edge panels. The journey never stop and today CTRM is part of the global supply chain for major aircraft manufacturers in the world and emerge as Centre of Excellence for Composites and Aerospace with focus on the Wing and Nacelle programs.

Composites Non-Aerostructure

Finding opportunities to expand the business brought CTRM into diversification involving composites aircraft interiors, aircraft seats and transportations.

CTRM Aircraft seat


SATCOM is another potential industry for composites application especially on the reflector, radome and mounting structures. CTRM has started supplying SATCOM components in 2018 and will continue developing this business.

CTRM Aircraft seat


In the 2017 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA'17), CTRM showcased a set of short-haul aircraft seat made of carbon fiber composites. This prototype seat was intended to show CTRM's capability in incorporating several manufacturing processes and technique to achieve not only a lighter aircraft seat, but a beautiful looking one as well with the carbon fiber finish exposed on the seatback. This marked the start of CTRM's venture into the aircraft interior business.



CTRM’s breakthrough in expanding its business plans came timely as the company secured a contract from SCOMI Rail to design, manufacture and supply composite panels for the Mumbai and KL Monorail projects in 2009 & 2012 respectively. The contract involves both interior aesthetic panels and exterior structural panels. These panels comply to NFPA 130 & BS 6853 fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) requirements for railway components.



Using its engineering knowledge and know how in composites, CTRM started designing and manufacturing truck bodies in 2015 in an effort to offer the market with lighter and structurally sound products. CTRM truck bodies undergo static and dynamic loading conditions to validate its structural integrity against international standards eg. EN 12195-1, at the same time optimizing body weight.

CTRM ctrm Lotus Car


CTRM kicked off its automotive work program when it received a contract from Lotus Cars UK in December 2005 to manufacture composite body panel for the Lotus Europa S. The flexibility of composites manufacturing makes it possible for such complex body panels to be produced. This is important to sports car manufacturers like Lotus.

ctrm Radome


CTRM’s capabilities in composites manufacturing was further enhanced when it was entrusted with the project to design, test, manufacture, install and commission 2 units of composite radar dome or RADOME for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. These radome measure 18m in diameter each and is made of proprietary material suitable for radar use.

Calibration and Testing Expertise

A NADCAP and ISO17025 certified laboratory provides calibration, material & product testing, Oil & Gas Services and supply of balances and scales for various industries.