CTRM WINS BEST IMPROVER AWARD 2017 - Airbus recognises CTRM’s commitment

Airbus Procurement Aerostructures SQIP Awards

Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), a member of the DRB-HICOM Group Companies, was recently awarded the “Best Improver Award” in a brief award ceremony held in conjunction with the Airbus SQIP (Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Program) Day 2017, in Toulouse, France on April 25.
The award was in recognition of CTRM’s demonstrated performance improvement on the products quality and delivery in 2016, which include sustainability of key performances for the last six months. CTRM’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, made the announcement during the media familiarization tour jointly organized by CTRM and Airbus at its plant here today.
The Airbus SQIP Award, an annual event since 2012, has been introduced with the objective of sharing Airbus’s achievements, challenges and best practices which drive improvements to its supply chain. Three awards categories were presented at the event which includes, Best Improver, Best Performer and the highest award, Accreditation. CTRM was one of the four recipients for Best Improver out of 28 Airbus main suppliers. “We are extremely proud to be acknowledged as an important strategic partner for Airbus. This partnership would surely benefit the development of the aerospace industry in Malaysia, at the same time elevates the nation’s position as a complete business hub in the region. Having received this award, we are committed to achieve the next recognition, which is the Best Performer Award for 2018”, said Shamsuddin.
CTRM has been an important strategic partner for Airbus in the region, producing major composite aircraft parts covering flat and complexed curvature panels, since 2000 in its Batu Berendam facility. Currently, CTRM produces the A350 fan cowl skins and various parts for Airbus fleets which include the A320, A400M and A380 aircrafts, amongst others. The company is also known to be the only facility in the region to have the largest number of autoclave in addition to a dedicated paint shop and test laboratory to complement its core business.
“CTRM is a key partner for Airbus, delivering around 2,000 composite parts every week for aircraft across our commercial product line, as well as the A400M military transport and the H130 helicopter. This is part of our broader investment in Malaysia’s aerospace industry, which is an important part of the Airbus supply chain. We are also delighted that CTRM has reinforced its commitment to its relationship with Airbus by investing in its future capacity and capability. We look forward to continuing with this partnership with CTRM and Malaysia for many more years to come,” says Jean-Francois Laval, Executive Vice President of Asia, Airbus.
Mr. Shamsuddin was present to receive the award from Thierry Gendre, Airbus Head of Supply Chain & Quality. Accompanying Mr. Shamsuddin were Mr. Nor Azham Baharin, Head of Operation & Improvement and Mr. Shahrulnizam Ahmad, Head of Business Strategy and Development.

How have your business lines developed in the Malaysian market?

SHAMSUDDIN MOHAMED YUSOF CTRM was established in 1990 under the Ministry of Finance with the objective to become a global composite production hub. This is a capital-intensive industry, with a high level of skills required for staff. The government assisted us by channeling grants and providing incentives for our industry to flourish. Through these efforts, we were able to establish ourselves as the pioneers in composite manufacturing, which was a new field for Malaysia. CTRM has over the years invested heavily in high-tech equipment and machinery, and we are now looking at growth. Loyalty and persistent commitment to our existing major customers over the years have further complemented CTRM in shaping its future strategic business plan.
The market of composites part manufacturing is open, and we intend to focus on our major customers to remain cost competitive, especially in development activities. The acquisition of CTRM by DRB-HICOM in November 2013 has further accelerated the growth of the company from a MYR300 million turnover in 2012 to more than MYR800 million in 2015, after a major CAPEX investment of approximately MYR135.7 million as part of plant capacity expansion. This has further strengthened customers' confidence, which in turn has seen our order books rise to almost MYR12 billion until 2030 Read More ...

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CTRM marked a major milestone in Human Resource division when it won the ‘Creativity and Innovation Award’ at the HRD Awards 2016 held in the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur recently. The Deputy Minister of Human Resource, YB Dato’ Hj Ismail bin Hj Abd Muttalib graced the event and gave away the prizes to all winners. The prestigious award was received by Encik Shamsuddin Mohamed Yusof, CTRM Group Chief Operating Officer, accompanied by Encik Che Zulhaimee Abdullah, Head of Human Capital & Administration CTRM.
The HRD Award is the highest national recognition in the field of Human Resource Development, introduced and awarded by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad under the Ministry of Human Resource. There are 4 award categories, namely Human Resource Minister Award, Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Award, Innovation & Creativity Award and Pearl Award. The objective of the awards is to recognize outstanding employers who have contributed significantly in the field of human resource development and promoting a culture of learning and development that enhances the employee’s competencies.
There are 4000 employers who are qualified to be nominated for the awards. CTRM Aero Composites was one of the 6 shortlisted companies nominated under large manufacturing company category.
Apart of immediate recognition among the HRD community, winning the award also help to raise the company’s profile with CTRM stakeholders.


Following its inspiring success in previous MPC events, this year saw another round of commitment from CTRM when 2 teams were sent to compete at national level on MPC Team Excellence which was held in conjunction with the Annual Productivity & Innovation and Exposition 2016. Team FBI (Facility and Equipment Division) and Team IN-TEMPO (Production, Engineering, IPP & FEM Division) presented their cases titled Eliminating Recurrence of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Connector Failure and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Optimization on Autoclave No. 8 respectively. Both teams were awarded with the 3-Star Award and team FBI made it to the Top 10 Teams in Manufacturing.

Earlier this year, In-TEMPO Team has emerged as Champion and nominated for Best Presenter category, meanwhile team FBI scored a 2nd runner up in the DRB-HICOM Convention FY2015/16.

Looking back, team FBI and IN-TEMPO were both formed in the early days of CTRM’s improvement exercise. Their ideas of improvement were shared with the whole CTRM staff during internal convention in 2015. Both teams were later trained and groomed by CTRM HMS to further equip them with all the necessary skills and techniques in presentation. Today, they become the CTRM’s icon on Continuous Improvement (CI) and source of reference and aspiration for others to partake and promote all CI and cost saving initiatives at CTRM.

The annual MPC convention and competition was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) with participation from more than 300 teams from companies of various category of industries in Malaysia. Kudos to everyone involved!


Farnborough 12 July - CTRM Aero Composites Sdn Bhd (CTRM AC), a subsidiary of Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) and a member company of DRB-HICOM Group, demonstrates another significant achievement in its production history with the delivery of 1st unit of the complete Airbus A350 Fan Cowl Skins to its customer UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS). The Fan Cowl Skins CSN0006 were delivered to UTAS facility in Chula Vista, California, USA where it will be assembled before being finally shipped to UTAS facility in Toulouse, France.

In 2009, CTRM AC signed a life of a program contract with UTAS for the manufacture and supply of Airbus A350 Fan Cowl. The company was also qualified to Rohr Process Specification 24.28 to build A350 Fan Cowl.

CTRM AC’s work on the A350 Fan Cowl components is done entirely at its latest and largest plant in Batu Berendam, Malacca, Malaysia. Since its acquisition of the company in 2013, DRB-HICOM has made significant capital investment in CTRM. The new building, part of which was built for the A350 program, is now equipped with new high-tech machinery and equipment to support CTRM’s commitment towards expanding its manufacturing capabilities to cater to the increasing customers’ demand in productivity.

True to its reputation as a Centre of Excellence for Fan Cowl, CTRM takes pride in producing and delivering quality components in compliance with customer’s stringent requirements.


Farmborough 12 July - Adding to its product portfolios of composite Wing and Nacelle, Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), a member company of the DRB-HICOM Group, marks another major milestone with the production and delivery of MSN 01 and MSN 02 of Airbus Helicopter H130 Fenestron, for its customer Airbus Helicopter in Marignane, France.

The Fenestron was the latest composite aerostructure program at CTRM which involve a total of 15 special processes. The package consists of 3 split assemblies, Fenestron, Fin Ventral and Fairing. The Fenestron itself is made up of eight parts, of carbon and hybrid material. The complexity of the lay-up process due to its shape coupled with its unique mould technology has exposed CTRM to two new processes to its current capabilities, the insert as well as structural bonding and riveting.

The project kicked off in May 2012 when the Malaysian government purchased 12 units of EC725 SAR/Utility helicopter from Airbus Helicopter. CTRM was awarded with the offset program to produce the Fenestron for a contract duration until 2021 or 320 sets in total delivery.

With the success delivery and compliance to the quality standard, CTRM targets to further enhance its reputation and standing as the preferred and capable supplier to aircraft manufacturers.


Farnborough 12 July - Recognized among the aerospace brands in the world, CTRM Aero Composites (CTRM AC), a subsidiary of Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), and a member of company of DRB-HICOM Group is a single source and the largest composites component supplier for the Airbus A320 Series aircraft wing, covering 20% of the wing surface.

CTRM’s commitment stands out as almost 50% of the Airbus A320 aircrafts in service today or 5,000 aircrafts flying around the world, have its wing component made by CTRM.

CTRM momentum’s towards excellence accelerates as the company was further entrusted to produce the latest A320/A321 NEO packages namely the Flap Track Fairing Tk2, A321 NEO Top Cover Tk4 and A320 NEO Leading Edge.

The first shipset was delivered last October 2015 following the development phase which started in March 2015. The project scope up to 2026 consist of RM10.8 million in total contract value.

Having propelled to its current status, CTRM AC sets to soar higher by looking into opportunities for minor assembly jobs in the near future.