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Composites Aerostructure

CTRM core business in the composites aero structure started way back in 2000 with the 1st project award of the A300 Fixed Trailing Edge panels. The journey never stop and today CTRM is part of the global supply chain for major aircraft manufacturers in the world and emerge as Centre of Excellence for Composites and Aerospace with focus on the Wing and Nacelle programs.


Finding opportunities to expand the business brought CTRM to diversity into marine, automotive and other land transports.

CTRM Lotus Europa S Body Shell

Leisurecat Catamaran

Following the success of various non aerospace composite programs, CTRM took another bold move by venturing in composite marine when it was appointed as a sub-manufacturer of a range of high-performance catamarans for LeisureCat Australia.



CTRM ctrm Lotus Car

Lotus Europa S Body Shell

CTRM kicked off its automotive work program when it received a contract from Lotus Cars UK in December 2005 to manufacture and assemble primed composites body panel for Lotus Europa S. Lotus Cars UK manufacturers are resorting to aerospace composites materials for body panels as this new material is lighter and stronger. This space age technology provides design versatility for better aerodynamic and performance for Lotus Europa S Body Shell.
CTRM delivered a total of 409 car sets of composites body panels to Lotus Cars UK.


ctrm Monorail

Monorail Inner Panel

CTRM’s breakthrough in expanding its business plans came timely as the company secured a contract from SCOMI Rail (Malaysia) to manufacture and supply composite inner and outer panels for its Mumbai Monorail project.

The contract involves design, manufacture, and supply of some 276 panels for each train set.


CTRM Diplomatic Locker

Diplomatic Locker

CTRM designs, develops and manufactures composite diplomatic locker for AIR ASIA A320 fleet in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.



ctrm Radome


CTRM’s capabilities in composites manufacturing was further enhanced when it was entrusted with the project to design, test, manufacture, install and commission 2 units of composite radar dome or RADOME for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.


Composites Testing

An internal composite testing laboratory provide the testing services for all incoming receipt tests (IRT) and in process testing (IPT) which is approved by BOEING and AIRBUS and NADCAP approved.